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  1. Hello,
    My name is melissa Ephraim and have been interested in birds since I could walk. My first job was working in a pet store taking care of exotic birds and fell completely in love with them. Sad part is I was unstable in my life to offer a great home for the bird i wanted. A Macaw named Jezebel. Long story short I grew up got married had kids and own a 5 acre ranch with a 4 bedroom house now. I’m looking to completing my dream of having a parrot. I absolutely love the macaws but due to resent health changes and Amazon or grey Amazon would probably fit me better as weight requirements go. Id like this bird to be with me at all times as all my kids are gone out of the house and my husband works out of state. So maybe a bird with good temperament and can talk a bit although we can work together on that. Im in the process of getting housing and toys and outside jungle gyms fixed up just need to find the right bird for me because I don’t give up an animal just because there’s road blocks. The animals i have I have I’ll the day they die. Do you hold the parrot until full payment has been made and what is deposits on them to keep them? Also how long do I have to pay the bird off before it’s mine? I will need it shipped to Idaho can you tell me the situation with that also so i can get everything in order on my end


    1. Good morning. Thank you for contacting us. I’m Bill’s sister and handle his website. I’m going to forward this to him–his email is:


      I’ll ask him to get back to you this morning. He’ll give you all of the information about what birds he has.

      Have a great day–and thank you for the message.



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