Are you looking for a perfect family pet? Here he is. A young Blue & Gold Macaw; tame; talking; friendly; loves attention. Don’t let this special guy “fly by.” He’s one in a million.

Baby Blue and Gold Macaw
Baby Blue and Gold
Severe Mini Macaw
Baby Miligold Macaw
Assorted colors of baby, tame, and sweet love birds

Baby Turquoise Conure

Baby Sun Conures
Lovely Love Birds

Orange Wing Amazon

Baby Congo African Grey Parrot

Super tame, starting to talk
On sale complete with shipping special holiday deal…
Call for details…954-791-3720
The perfect gift for the entire family
Full health guarantee..perfect condition
Truly the perfect bird.

Australian Rosella

Baby Ruby Macaw, Daddy was a Scarlet, Mommy was a Greenwing. Hand feeding twice a day…super sweet friendly pet Macaw..
The ultimate family Christmas Gift  we can deliver Christmas Eve or Christmas Day 
Call now…don’t delay 954-791-3720

Just A Small Sample of the Holiday Toys Bill Has For Your Best Little Buddy.


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