Double yellow-head. Extremely, Extremely tame and talking. Call Bill NOW for details–954-791-3720

Male Lesser Cockatoo, Tame and Talking

Proven Pair Rose-Breasted Cockatoos

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  1. Hello,
    Is the Rose-Breasted Cockatoo proven pair still available? Can you please send me pricing and any additional information. Thank you!


      1. Hello hope your doing well with what’s going on. Wanted to know if you guys are closed ? And if no of you have any of the babies


      2. Hi. I just saw your email–I;m sorry it took so long. No, we are open everyday. And yes, we have babies. Sun conures, quakers, pineapples, a white belly caique is on the way. Call Bill at 954-791-3720 for more information.


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