Spring is here and so are the babies. Conures and Ring Necks are hoping for good homes. Call Bill NOW before they fly away. 954-791-3720

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  1. I got a bird from ‘Bills birds” back in the 90’s. I’ve been looking for a new bird and have always remembered “Bills Birds”. I now live in Az, but am glad to see he is still going strong so many years later! Alwayz had really good birds at really good prices. I guess it shows he’s still open!


    1. Hi. How nice to hear from someone who remembers the store. Yes, he is going on his 45th year in the same location–and he even has the same phone number!! Bill ships anywhere in the U.S. Is there a special kind of bird you’re looking for? Oh–I’m his sister and manage his website for him. Bill isn’t exactly computer savvy–but I’m working on getting him there.


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